'Giving Back Roadmap' For My Genesis NFT Photography Collection


"A diverse collection of twenty-five 1/1 images that showcases my best body of work since the beginning of my photography journey in 2017 until now."

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Giving back...

10% of proceeds from each piece in my "BE DO HAVE" collection will be going towards micro-financing loans in Gulu, Uganda.

These micro-loans help build thriving communities where individuals don’t have access to financial instruments or cryptocurrencies (yet) and it will create an everlasting impact on their future.

By providing a loan with my proceeds, together we’ll be able to help people in poverty to buy income-generating assets (such as a sewing machine, a fishing net, bricks to build a shop front, etc.) so that they can rapidly increase their incomes and grow their own businesses.

My partner Kathleen (Founder of Wanderers Wealth) and I will be accomplishing this mission through peer-to-peer micro-lending and the ultimate goal is to build community-focused entrepreneurship training programs in Uganda.

We’ll be making sure 10% of all proceeds from this collection goes toward breaking the cycle of poverty by empowering the women and men of Uganda to achieve financial independence and transform their communities.

A real story from a real family…

In August 2021, Kathleen and I contributed to the first micro-loan for a small business owner in Uganda. 

Ray Toli, a chicken farmer in Gulu, Uganda needed capital for the raw materials to build his chicken farm and to buy more chickens to be able to support his family. 

After analyzing Ray’s business plan, economic growth opportunity, and setting the terms and conditions for the micro-loan, we agreed to transfer Ray the funds to build his chicken farm.

Here you can see Ray’s chicken farm and what he has done with the micro-loan. Ray’s situation is not unique.


Unfortunately, Uganda’s lockdown during the pandemic was among the strictest on the continent; dusk to dawn curfews, public and private transportation grounded, closure of almost all small businesses and on top of everything, the security forces arbitrarily arrested, beat and shot civilians during the restrictions.

Despite the pandemic, Uganda is a country with a bustling and growing economy, a land of untapped opportunity, a place where entrepreneurship and energy are in the air.

Furthermore, providing a loan to a small business owner makes a positive impact on this planet. It’s about taking a bet on another entrepreneur and believing in their potential.



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Benefits to Collectors...

Making an impact

Collectors that support and believe in my work can help others achieve abundance in their lives as well.

Collectors that hold a piece of my art from my genesis NFT collection will benefit from knowing that by helping out just one individual, you'll be a part of a massive ripple effect on the larger communities of Uganda.

Uganda group trip

I will be organizing a group trip for all the collectors, and their friends and family if they wish, to Uganda in June 2022. (At own expense).

We’ll get to travel together for 10 days around Uganda to all the incredible locations with a reputable tour operator and we’ll also get the opportunity to visit the families of those where the micro-loans were given.

This trip is going to change your life and I assure you that you’ll be safe, comfortable, and have a ton of fun!


Each collector will be invited into my private discord community where we will have a direct line of communication with each other.

Collectors will also be granted early access to the release of all future artworks.

My purpose...

My genesis NFT collection "BE DO HAVE" is more than just images from my travels around the world.

These experiences and moments in time that I have captured on my journey each have their own personal story.

As a whole, my BE DO HAVE collection would not have come to fruition if I didn’t initially take a leap of faith to break away from society norms, jump out of my comfort zone, and pursue my passion for travel and photography.

This is where I gave it my all to get out there, seek the unknown, and discover new places to capture these unique moments.

Through my photographic art and visual storytelling, my purpose with this collection is to inspire and motivate others to step outside their comfort zones, follow their passions, and explore this wonderful earth, too!

My back story of becoming a professional travel and landscape photographer…

The seed was planted when I was in my early teens and my father pulled out a box from the shed filled with old VHS tapes.

These tapes contained footage of my father (when he was just a teenager) and my grandparents traveling around the world in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

The films were in black and white and had no sound. I was absolutely mesmerized to the point where we watched hours and hours of footage that day.

Watching these tapes triggered a sense of awe and curiosity to one day be able to see the world myself and document my journey.

It wasn’t until years later that I took my first overseas trip from Australia to Indonesia, more specifically Bali, and this is where my travel photography journey began with just a simple point-and-shoot camera in tow.

Returning from that first trip overseas to Indonesia undoubtedly sparked my passion for travel and photography and I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of me pursuing my newfound purpose in life. To see new places, to discover new cultures, to share my stories and moments in time with others.

Fast forward to today, I’ve now been on the road full-time for the past 5 years, perfecting my photographic craft, always improving, and striving to be the best version of myself.

It's safe to say that I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon and I am here for the long run!

The meaning behind BE DO HAVE…

We as humans tend to operate backward from a "HAVE DO BE" model. We unconsciously think that we first must HAVE (eg. have more time, more money, more energy), to be able to DO xyz in life, and only then can we BE successful.

This is a broken strategy and when we think from the HAVE DO BE model, we are operating backward and miscreating our lives. 

We instead should operate from the "BE DO HAVE" model — “Who do I need to BE, to DO the things that I want to do, to HAVE the outcomes that I want in life.”

Moreover, the message I want to spread with the release of my collection is that BEing is the genesis of creation and we can BE, DO, and HAVE anything that we want in life.

We are our own Life Creator’s and everything is 100% possible 100% of the time!

And because I actually give a FAQ...

Your questions answered 😊


Genesis NFT Collection by Jonny Melon

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